Delivering sensitive messages with discreet advertising


Ticket and POS receipt advertising is an effective communication platform that is suitable for both marketing and public sector messages. It is also highly effective at delivering sensitive messages to audiences that are typically hard to reach; this is because ticket advertising is discreet.

But what is discreet advertising?

Discreet advertising may seem like a bit of a contradiction; we tend to think of marketing as something that is eye-catching and anything but subtle and inconspicuous. However, in sensitive cases, a discreet approach tends to be much more successful. Discreet advertising is all about striking a balance between being eye-catching for the target audience, but not enough to be the cause of anger, distress or embarrassment.

That’s why tickets are such a good format for discreet advertising. Because the ticket goes directly into the hand of the intended audience and because unlike a leaflet, there is a purpose to the ticket aside from the message on the back, it is an effective vehicle for delivering messages related to domestic abuse, crime, sexual health, etc.

In fact, our campaign with the West Midlands police proved just how successful the right form of marketing can be; they saw an increase of 450% on the traffic to their domestic abuse help page as a direct result of their bus ticket campaign.


So how does it work?

Tickets and receipts have the benefit of an extremely wide reach, getting into the hands of the target audience, as well as many others. This means that people who need help can access it and campaigns also increase public awareness.   Furthermore, we know that often the ticket is passed onto friends or family members for whom it is most relevant.

The key to a great discreet marketing campaign is striking a balance.

A clear and concise message that addresses the target audience, is absolutely necessary, but the tone should never be accusatory or patronising; rather, it should be informative and helpful. Design should also strike a balance. The design needs to be eye-catching enough to successfully draw attention to
the message, but not so bold that it drowns the seriousness and importance of the message itself.

If you need advice on discreet marketing solutions or have questions about how ticket and receipt advertising could work for you, don’t hesitate to get in touch; let’s talk.

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