Ticketmedia’s formats provide a unique opportunity to place your message directly into the hands of the public, guaranteeing that it is seen and acted upon during their journey or once they have arrived at their destination. Our advertising formats include the back of bus tickets, car park tickets, retail receipts and more.

Flexible Packages

We offer flexible packages to suit local, regional and national campaigns. This allows local authorities to run individual media activity for one town or city – or partner with other local services to reach a large amount of the public in need of their services.

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Target Local People Travelling In Your Area

We have a strong track record of delivering highly effective local campaigns for the public sector – driving voter registration, increasing awareness of public health and community safety. Out Of Home (OOH) media can drive a 17% uplift in smartphone actions, and is an excellent opportunity to signpost this audience to your website, for more information.

Bus Tickets

Bus ticket advertising provides a local broadcast platform. We have 90% coverage of the UK’s ticketed bus network, maximising the reach of your message amongst a broad audience. Bus ticket advertising reaches your target audience when they welcome the distraction of advertising, while travelling on public transport.

Petrol Forecourt Receipts

Petrol forecourt receipts reach a diverse audience in any given local area – including families, tradespeople, and leisure travellers. With national, regional and local campaigns available, petrol receipts allow for marketing in proximity to your area. They are an ideal fit for messages aimed at drivers, such as road safety, drink awareness and sustainable travel.

Discreet marketing for charities and local services

When dealing with issues which require sensitivity and discretion, tickets and receipts are ideal. Keeping these items in one’s pocket or purse is uncontroversial and they are also easy to pass on to – or subtly leave with – others in need or affected by the topic.

West Midlands Police case study

West Midlands Police

Ticketmedia works with the police and domestic abuse charities on an ongoing basis, to urge victims of domestic violence to seek help. The campaign resulted in a 450% increase in visitors to the website.

Crimestoppers case study


A recent petrol receipt campaign that Crimestoppers ran in Sheffield demonstrates how receipt advertising enables hard-hitting messages to be delivered directly and yet subtly.


Happy Clients

Year on year, during July there had been a 38% increase in people screened, bus tickets were used and can be directly attributed to this increase. I am overall very happy with the way the campaign went.

Simon Ford
Southend on Sea PCT


Happy Clients

We launched our recycle in Essex website with the help of bus ticket advertising. The colourful and clever creative helped us raise awareness and the site received a definite increase in hits because of the campaign.

Dawn Cadby
Waste Management, Essex County Council

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