Advertising during the school holidays


We are now in the run up to school holidays and with this in mind, a key question to arise is how to develop a campaign that appeals to every family.With the average family spending around  £640 during the summer holidays alone, totalling a figure of  £1.56 billion, school breaks are a crucial time for marketers.

How to reach families                                                                                                            

Whilst parents tend to be the primary money spenders, research has found that around 80% of all household spending decisions are strongly influenced by children.

Whatever your product or service, the key to marketing to families is to find a message that has appeal across generations. Some key points for consideration:

  • Is it affordable? Affordability and value are top of the priority list for most families. Adding family deals or special offers will give your campaign a massive boost.
  • Does it have the fun factor? This is especially important for entertainment and leisure. A fun and engaging advertising message is much more likely to promote your product or service in a positive light.

What better time to launch a family-oriented campaign than in the school holidays?

1 in 4 families look to take advantage of voucher deals during the holiday period. Be it spring, summer, autumn or winter, the school holidays are the time families hit the road, take trips and take part in activities. This is a time that many families are actively looking for ideas about what to do, with many also looking for offers to support their plans. This is where ticket and receipt vouchers can be really effective. Offering family deals on days out that all can enjoy is likely to tempt consumers to trial something new, encouraging positive purchase behaviour and repeat purchase.

We’ve helped a number of brands with their family-oriented campaigns and have seen some amazing results.

school hols tm

Bus ticket campaigns with Solihull Ice Rink and Absolutely Ten Pin proved a massive success, delivering an average ROI of more than 350%. Both campaigns also helped to increase footfall and interest.

It’s also worth remembering that when families are out of home together, they’re more than likely on their way to purchase a product or service. By reaching them in the last window of influence, ticket and receipt advertising are an excellent way to communicate your message at a time your audience will be most receptive.

Some great examples

Here are a couple of our favourite family oriented campaigns to get you inspired:

  • Change4Life

change 4 life family campaign

The Change4Life campaign is a good example of marketing that appeals to different age groups. These adverts promote a healthy lifestyle in a manner that every member of the family can understand, and the campaign as a whole makes it fun.

  • Thomas Cook

thomas cook shark boy

In 2015, Thomas Cook launched a campaign to become the ‘best loved’ travel brand in Europe. This ad directly appeals to families with the idea that anybody can relax and have fun on holiday.


Are families an integral part of your target market? Get in touch to find out how to leverage the school holidays to support your OOH marketing campaign today.

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