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The Ticketmedia process of continuously exploring new advertising channels to place adverts into the hands of customers was put into practice in 2014 when we excitedly unveiled our Oyster Ticket Stop (OTS) receipt format. With approximately 4,000 ticket stop outlets across the capital, it enables brands to reach London audiences like never before.

Unmissable Business Opportunities

Oyster cards have revolutionised travel in London, with nearly 50 million cards issued by September 2014. Many people prefer to top up their cards at Oyster Ticket outlets across the capital – more than a third of Oyster users prefer this method.

This has created an unmissable business opportunity to market OTS receipt advertisements to Londoners and visitors every single month.

The impact of Oyster Ticket Stop receipt advertising:

  • Oyster receipts are a great way of reaching a young, socially active London audience: 61% of the audience in our research were aged 16-44
  • 96% of people who top up their cards at these locations take a receipt
  • 95% of people are actively interested in redeeming vouchers or promotions they see on the back of their receipts
  • 60% of the people we polled stated that they would opt for this top up method in order to get vouchers and promotional deals
  • The presence of adverts on receipts actually drives footfall at Oyster ticket stop outlets as consumers seek out promotions and advertisements
  • 88% said they would be happy to hand over or redeem their voucher in return for a promotion
  • 28 million adverts over a 4 week period

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With approximately 4000 Oyster Ticket Stops across the capital, you can target a wide audience across Greater London and the M25 corridor. For more information on this highly effective format, get in touch.

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Happy Clients

We launched our recycle in Essex website with the help of bus ticket advertising. The colourful and clever creative helped us raise awareness and the site received a definite increase in hits because of the campaign.

Dawn Cadby
Waste Management, Essex County Council


Happy Clients

Following our recent campaign with Ticketmedia, we were inundated with redemptions. It was a great success and we look forward to working with you again in the near future.

Julie Fleetwood-Meek
Mecca Bingo

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