Our Approach

Ticketmedia is committed to a sustainable and eco-friendly process.

Iso Certified

Ticketmedia obtained the ISO 9001 Quality Management Standard (QMS) in 2010 and ISO 14001 Environmental Management Standard (EMS) in 2014. Ongoing assessments of ISO-awarded companies ensure that we constantly improve upon the carbon footprint of our business, by reducing the environmental impact of our practices and products.

Paper Products

We source our paper exclusively from Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified mills: an organisation dedicated to the promotion of responsible forestry around the world. This means that our paper products are sourced from sustainable forests and the rights of workers, communities and indigenous peoples have been respected.

Solar Energy

Ticketmedia installed a solar panel system in 2015 with multiple arrays now generating power back to the grid, having both a significant positive impact on our carbon footprint as well as providing a substantial saving on our energy bills. We’ve been recording our progress, and on average, we generate enough electricity to power 16 three-person households a month!

Water Based Inks

Ticketmedia uses water based inks and plates. Using a water wash system is better for the environment and removes the need to employ a specialist company to dispose of harmful waste.

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