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Whether you are looking to target college students or you are looking to drive higher education applications, Ticketmedia delivers a range of advertising opportunities that will put your marketing message directly into the desired hands.

Our bus ticket and tram ticket formats are perfect for reaching students across UK cities, and can be incorporated within a wider student recruitment marketing strategy. By communicating the right message to your target audience at the right time, ticket advertising provides a unique opportunity to inspire action, generate interest and encourage potential students to take their next step in higher education.


Targeted, Flexible Packages

For more than 20 years, Ticketmedia has been delivering creative out-of-home advertising solutions for some of the UK’s most recognised businesses. With university applications having declined by 3% since 2017*, it has never been more important to attract a pool of new students.

Ticketmedia offers flexible packages to suit local, regional and national campaigns. If you’re looking to target a specific bus and tram route that passes your university or college, or if you want to reach a wider audience, Ticketmedia’s campaign team can advise you based on the results you want to achieve. Packages start from £374 and are flexible, so you can run them in line with wider campaigns and at specific times of year.

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Bus Tickets

Ticketmedia has 90% coverage of the UK’s ticketed bus network, enabling your message to be shared in specific locations around the UK. Reaching potential students at a time when they welcome a distraction, bus ticket advertising is a cost-effective way to increase interest to your university.

Bus ticket advertising
Higher education recruitment campaign example

Tram tickets

Tram systems have opened in many key cities across the UK. These services offer advertisers larger opportunities to target potential visitors in key higher education areas often close to city centres. The new high-quality services have also been increasingly popular with younger commuters, providing quick and cheap environment for students to travel.


Demographic targeting

With a quarter of bus tickets being bought by 15-24 year olds, bus ticket advertising can be highly targeted at potential college students to promote higher education.


Local campaigns

Target specific regions of the UK with tram and bus ticket advertising campaigns – find potential students in your local areas.

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