Communicate your public health messages

Whether you need to target members of the public about healthcare, increase optometry appointments for your business or promote a local service, then Ticketmedia’s formats will provide a unique platform to place your message directly in the hands of the public. From bus ticket advertising to taxi receipts, these targeted marketing campaigns around optical health are guaranteed to be seen by your target audience.


Cost-effective targeting

Ticketmedia has been delivering creative out-of-home advertising solutions for more than 20 years, for some of the UK’s most well-known businesses. With clients from private healthcare organisations, global businesses and public sector healthcare groups, ticket advertising campaigns help reach campaign goals, driving awareness and increasing revenue.

With more than six million eye tests being conducted between 2017-2018 on people aged 60 years and over*, there are significant opportunities to reach people across different demographics. Ticket advertising can ensure that you expand upon your existing audiences to reach new customers and further communicate the importance of eye health for the public. These out-of-home advertising campaigns deliver outstanding return-on-investment, starting at just £374 for a campaign.

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Bus tickets

Bus ticket advertising provides a local broadcast platform, communicating your message in a cost-effective way. Ticketmedia has 90% coverage of the UK’s ticketed bus network, maximising the reach of your message amongst a broad audience. Local, regional and national bus ticket advertising reach campaigns enables you to your target audience when they welcome the distraction of advertising, while travelling on public transport.

Taxi Receipts

With 81% of people saying they always retain their receipt when travelling by taxi, advertising on the back of taxi receipts enables organisations to reach high-value audiences who are likely to travel in taxis more than other transport options. Using taxi receipts can reach people travelling within London, this is an ideal environment to engage with audiences on the move.


Measurable ROI

With your message going directly into the passengers’ hand, bus ticket and taxi receipt advertising is accountable and measurable.


Wide Reach

We have a 98% coverage of UK’s ticketed bus network, and figures show that 1.254 billion journeys were made between October to December 2015 alone.

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