Our solar power milestone


As part of our mission to go green here at Ticketmedia, we recently had solar panels installed to provide eco-friendly energy to power our printers. We’re proud to announce that we’ve hit our first milestone, and have generated 50 mWh (megawatt hours) of energy all using solar power. It generally takes the same amount of solar panels two years or more to generate 50mW of power; this is something we’ve achieved in just a year and a half.

We’ve been recording our progress, and on average, we generate 30,000 watts of clean power a day and an average of 3,250 kWh a month. That’s enough to power 16 three-person households and corresponds to 4.2l of fuel oil, 5.9 m³ of natural gas and 6.3kg of hard coal. It also means we’ve saved the quantity of CO2 that would be generated on an average car journey of 260.7km.

On average, we’ve generated 600kWh more than the typical annual output and we’ve saved £1,712.40 per year.

We’re proud to take a sustainable approach to everything we do, and are excited to build on our first milestone in the future. If you’re looking for a greener solution to your marketing and would like to work with recognised experts in ticket and receipt formats, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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