Printed vouchers are the
most popular voucher format

71% of adults have used a printed voucher

Reaches consumers in the last window of influence

  • People spend 70% of their time out of home
  • Consumers are 33% more alert when out of home
  • 88% of people recall seeing out of home advertising within the last 30 minutes before shopping
  • 71% of consumers use printed vouchers compared to the next most popular, voucher websites, at 41%
  • Campaigns which include outdoor advertising produce a bigger increase in profits

Source: The Customer Journey Research, Outsmart – July 2011
Source: YouGov: Voucher Research 2013

Puts message directly into hands of the consumer

Ticket and POS receipt advertising work exceptionally well as part of an integrated or stand-alone marketing campaign. Putting the relevant call-to-action, brand or public sector message in the hands of the target consumer increases engagement and improves the consumer experience.

Your advert is seen multiple times

Tickets and point of sale receipts have a high retention rate. This is ideal for ensuring your message is seen multiple times and in the case of call-to-action campaigns, is kept for future reference or use.

Our formats work particularly well as vouchers, which are an effective tool for driving trial and acquiring new consumers. A high percentage of consumers claim to have tried a brand they wouldn’t have otherwise as a result of vouchers or special offers:

  • 51% travel industry
  • 42% beauty
  • 38% hospitality
  • 38% retail

Source: YouGov: voucher research June 2013

Ticket advertising is measurable & accountable

Ticket advertising is one of the most accountable and effective forms of out of home advertising available. A set number of advertisements are purchased per campaign and issued to passengers over a set time period. With an average recall rate of 70%, you can rest assured that your advertising message has been seen by your target audience.

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