Increasing passenger numbers

Condor Ferries wanted help to increase passenger numbers on the Poole to St Malo route. Condor ran a redeemable voucher bus ticket campaign in Jersey for 1 week, issuing 233,000 adverts. 1909 passengers used the promotional code and this has been the most successful campaign that Condor have ever run. The ROI on this one campaign for Condor was 5345% for every £1 they spent with us they made £54.45.

“We recently worked with Ticketmedia to advertise our Jersey to St Malo day trip on the back of bus tickets in Jersey. Sophia and the team were a pleasure to work with and provided A* quality service throughout the process. They offer in-house design and have an onsite warehouse which is an added bonus. We were exceptionally pleased with the results of our campaign and it exceeded our expectations. We found that putting our brand in the hand of the consumers really spoke for itself! Thanks again to the Ticketmedia team, we look forward to working with you again soon.”


Condor Ferries

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