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Distribution process

The physical distribution process is pivotal in ensuring products reach customers efficiently and cost-effectively. It encompasses various stages from warehousing to transportation. Inventory management maintains optimal stock levels, minimising shortages or excesses.
Orders are picked, packed, and prepared for shipping, adhering to quality standards and customer specifications. Transportation logistics coordinate the movement of goods, selecting the most suitable modes and routes. Timely delivery is facilitated through collaboration with carriers and tracking systems.
Upon arrival, goods undergo inspection and handling to guarantee quality and accuracy. A streamlined physical distribution process enhances customer satisfaction, reduces costs, and fosters operational excellence.

We launched our recycle in Essex website with the help of bus ticket advertising. The colourful and clever creative helped us raise awareness and the site received a definite increase in hits because of the campaign.

Dawn Cadby

Waste Management, Essex County Council

We ran a register to vote campaign across the county before the Police and Crime Commissioner election and Eu Referendum. The process was really smooth and the service was great which made it a simple and effective exercise for us. We saw a spike in registrations and feel the campaign definitely helped towards that. I’d definitely recommend Ticketmedia to other organisations looking for a wide-reaching, low priced campaign.


Rushcliffe Borough Council

The page received 854 hits from the launch in December… comparing the hits received on the same pages during a similar campaign last year (189) this was an increase of over 450%.


Public Protection Unit, West Midlands Police

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