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How much does bus ticket campaign cost?

Dependant on location, from  £500.

How long will it last?

Minimum campaign is 1 week dependant on location.

Can we be route specific?

No, we can’t be route specific but we will work with you to identify which bus depot(s) cover(s) the area you require

How many different offers/adverts can I have on my campaign?

Yes, Ticketmedia can offer multiple designs across all the ticket types we supply. Depending on the ticket type used, you can have up to four different designs or promotions on the same ticket run. This means that several different messages can be broadcasted, making your bus ticket advertising campaign even more effective, giving you the opportunity to trial different promotions. This will enable you to see which gives you the best response and return on investment.

Will my advert be on every ticket or will there be other advertisers running at the same time?

You will be the sole advertiser.

What routes/services will my campaign be on?

Your campaign will run on all services/routes that operate from the chosen depot giving your campaign full coverage of the target area allowing you to reach a wider audience.

Do bus pass holders receive a ticket?

Some bus operators issue tickets to bus pass and prepaid ticket holders and this is something we can check directly with the operator.

Where in the country do you cover?

We cover 98% of the UK’s ticketed bus network offering flexible local, regional and national campaigns.

Oyster ticket stops

Do you cover London?

Yes with OTS top up receipts.

What is OTS?

OTS stands for Oyster Ticket Stop, these are the shops and stores across Greater London and the M25 corridor where you can top up your Oyster card.

How many OTS are there?

Approximately 4,000.

Car Park Tickets

Do you offer advertising on car park tickets?

Yes, all NCP car parks subject to availability.

How long will a campaign last?

Minimum 4 weeks dependant on location.

How much does it cost?

From  £1,200 dependant on location.

How many tickets is that?

The quantity varies dependant on the location. Campaigns start from 60,000 units.

Petrol Forecourts Receipts

Can I book this line by line/one individual petrol station only?

Yes, this is possible but there is a minimum of two petrol stations per booking.

Do costs include production?

Yes, all our prices across all our formats are gross which also include production as well as creative services.

Do people retain their receipts?

Yes, in recent research commissioned by Ticketmedia, 96% of people considered their receipt quite or very important. Petrol receipts are required for tax or expenses purposes, in addition, they are often high value price points.

Why should we book petrol station receipts over any other petrol station format?

Petrol receipts are currently the only format within any forecourt that can be retained with opportunity for multiple exposure to the brand’s message days and even weeks later. A tangible format means the message has a stronger impact and gets noticed.

How long will my campaign last?

Our minimum duration on this format is 4 weeks. There is no maximum duration.

Would I still get a receipt for contactless payment?

Yes, you will still get a receipt for contactless payments and you will still get an itemised receipt for all purchases regardless of payment method.

What types of purchases will the receipt appear on?

Any petrol purchases and any instore convenience purchases.

How many locations do you cover?

Currently 231 locations with an additional 325 to be added soon.