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Why Bus ticket
advertising works

Latest figures show that 3.7 billion journeys were made between March 2022 and March 2023, with a average journey time of 17 minutes. The main reason for the majority of journeys was to visit the shops, and during that time, passengers were legally obligated to keep their ticket receipts close to hand. All this creates a premium advertising platform for brands to engage personally with consumers, who regard these formats as their personal property.


  • 98% coverage of UK’s ticketed bus network
  • Your message is put directly into the hands of the consumer
  • Average bus journey time is 17 mins; a time of little distraction when passengers positively welcome advertising
  • Local, regional and national campaigns are available with costs starting from as little as £637
  • 52% of bus users always use money off vouchers when they are available
  • Pricing starting from £500

Experts in the field

With your message going directly into the passengers’ hand, transport ticket advertising is accountable and measurable. We work closely with clients to ensure their objectives are met and with more than 15,000 campaigns under their belt, our Creative Services team are experts at creating and optimising artwork for the format and size.

What our clients say

Success you can measure

A smiling man

“Delivering 741% ROI in just 2 weeks, the campaign was super-successful overall, in particular in Broad Street, and delivered a number of high-end meal redemptions in Reading Gate and Oxford Road too! I feel that the number of redemptions has clearly been driving sales, even 4 weeks after the campaign launched we are still receiving them!”

Peter Sulyok


“Following our recent campaign with Ticketmedia, we were inundated with redemptions. It was a great success and we look forward to working with you again in the near future.”

Julie Fleetwood-Meek

Mecca Bingo

Year on year, during July there had been a 38% increase in people screened, bus tickets were used and can be directly attributed to this increase. I am overall very happy with the way the campaign went.

Simon Ford

Southend on Sea PCT

Contact us.

No, we can’t be route specific but we will work with you to identify which bus depot(s) cover(s) the area you require

Some bus operators issue tickets to bus pass and prepaid ticket holders and this is something we can check directly with the operator.

Minimum campaign is 1 week dependant on location.

Yes, Ticketmedia can offer multiple designs across all the ticket types we supply. Depending on the ticket type used, you can have up to four different designs or promotions on the same ticket run. This means that several different messages can be broadcasted, making your bus ticket advertising campaign even more effective, giving you the opportunity to trial different promotions. This will enable you to see which gives you the best response and return on investment.

Dependant on location, from £500.

Your campaign will run on all services/routes that operate from the chosen depot giving your campaign full coverage of the target area allowing you to reach a wider audience.

We cover 98% of the UK’s ticketed bus network offering flexible local, regional and national campaigns.

You will be the sole advertiser.