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For events, the ticket is often the first interaction a customer has with a business so we think it’s imperative to make absolutely sure that the ticket looks great. Ongoing investment in our production line ensures we deliver high quality full colour print, produced on the latest print presses.

Furthermore, everything is done on site, from artwork to production, which is both time and cost efficient. We are passionate about quality and with press accurate hard proofing; we can guarantee that what you see is what is printed.

Innovative Options

Event tickets are often kept as a memory or keepsake from a special day or night out making them a great platform for printing and extended advertising for your business. And with a commercial value attached to each one, security is critical. In order to deliver tickets which are both secure and creative, some of our innovations include:

  • Metallic and holographic foiling
  • Specialist security papers
  • Perforations for security and decoration
  • Heat sensitive, scratch and reveal, etc.
  • Scented inks

We do high volume but can also do short runs and can therefore cater for small and one-off requirements. Unlike with other printers, there is no need to order a full year’s volume in one go and therefore we can cater for large, medium and small regular and one-off requirements.

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Happy Clients

We launched our recycle in Essex website with the help of bus ticket advertising. The colourful and clever creative helped us raise awareness and the site received a definite increase in hits because of the campaign.

Dawn Cadby
Waste Management, Essex County Council


Happy Clients

Following our recent campaign with Ticketmedia, we were inundated with redemptions. It was a great success and we look forward to working with you again in the near future.

Julie Fleetwood-Meek
Mecca Bingo

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